Holiday Highs and Lows


Today I’d like us to share our holiday highs and lows. My December was both wonderful and stressful.

December is a time of lots of entertainment and celebrations in New York and it culminated with a great Christmas day.

My partner and I were so excited to be taking a 10 day care-free vacation starting December 26th. Until, of course, New York was covered with an amazing snow storm.

It was fantastic. We got stuck in our home for three days. We played in the snow and caught up on lots of movies (Tron, Black Swan, etc.)

Dinner at the resort.

Well, I am just getting back today from spending a few days at the amazing Banyan Tree resort in Mexico. Lots of rest, good food and beautiful nature.

What were your holiday highs and lows? Was there a special moment you’d really like to share? Let’s all have a fantastic year of growth.