Holiday Art Installation in Hong Kong


This week, I was in Hong Kong for the third time doing a public installation for the Landmark. I love creating these sculptures.

Most events are just a one day occasion that appear and disappear like a mirage for a limited amount of guests, but with these public sculptures, many folks can view my work for more than one day.

The theme this year was: “Beside any great man, there is always a great woman,” and we created our own giant versions of Mr. and Mrs. Santa. The tricky part was getting the make-up for Mrs. Santa just right. For that, we commissioned a make-up artist and used actual, real make-up.

I was also blown away by the incredible displays of holiday decorations in Hong Kong. In fact, it was some of the better Christmas decorations I have ever seen.

What city or town have you seen the most original holiday decorations? Is it your town? As much as I love New York, my hometown, I think we could do a much better job.