Helping a Bride Who Is Confused About Prices


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Dear Readers:

Pricing may be one of the biggest problems we have in the bridal industry. Though not all, most brides have no real idea as to what things cost. Who can blame them? There are so many price levels that exist out there that it can be overwhelming and confusing. While at a conference recently, I met a lovely young bride who shared her dilemma with me. She explained that she had visited two florists in her city and told them exactly what she wanted. Both were well-known and she considered two of the best in her area. When the estimates were given, there was a $10,000 difference in prices with one pricing the job at $10,000 and the other at $20,000. She knew something was off.

I will start by stating that I never request to see a quote from another vendor. Clearly, we do not do weddings at that budget, but I very much want to help this honest and lovely bride. She showed me both estimates and you’ll be very surprised to know what caused such a huge discrepancy in pricing. Vendors, I would like to ask you all to guess the reason one of the estimates was double that of the other.

I will share the answer with you in my Dear Preston blog tomorrow.



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