Hattie’s Blog: Queen Bee Syndrome? Not At PB




For years I attended and eventually graduated from an all-girls school in Texas. The majority of the most formative years of my life were spent around all women. Spending so much time around all women had many pros and cons. Pros: being able to focus on education instead of attention from boys, being constantly surrounded by supportive friends and inspiring teachers, not to mention the freedom of being able to shout down a hallway to ask if anyone has a feminine hygiene product. Cons: high competition, cattiness, and typical mean-girl drama.

Several years after my high school graduation, when I first realized that I was going to be working in an office that is mostly women, I was excited but also nervous. I knew that the real world had to be different from high school, but I still had a bit of anxiety. I had heard about “Queen Bee Syndrome” from some women that had graduated from college a few years before me. For those that don’t know, Queen Bee Syndrome is the belief that a woman in a position of authority will keep other women down or be more critical of them solely because they are female. Upon learning about this idea, it seemed that high competition, cattiness, and typical mean-girl drama was about to be a major factor in my life once again.

I started work in early July and it took me less than three days to realize I had nothing to worry about. Our amazing CEO, Kathy Romero, might be as fabulous as a Queen, but she is far from a Queen Bee. She has managed to create a supportive environment by getting to know and promoting every employee’s strengths. Kathy is a very talented woman, but I think that one of her strongest skills is being able to understand how people operate and knowing how to encourage them.

About a month into working I discovered an article about how Queen Bee Syndrome is just a myth. I have to admit, I agree with their findings and I think that Preston’s woman-dominated team is a prime example of how that syndrome is so far from how the world actually operates.