(Image via Richard Knott)

Awhile ago, one of my wonderful brides told me how much she loves hot pink. She wanted to incorporate the color into her wedding ceremony but was hesitant because her fiance’s family was so conservative. Folks, I live for such moments. I told her, “Let’s do everything in hot pink. And if your fiance’s family complains, just tell them it was your crazy designer’s fault!” And what do you know, after the wedding, the groom’s mother made a point of telling me how beautiful and unique the ceremony was and how much she loved the vibrant hot pink color palette!

As a designer, I believe it’s my job NOT to do what is expected or common. I’m always searching for a fresh approach. Now, this is easier to do with some clients than with others. My hot-pink loving bride made things very easy for me, but I try to always remember that while most of my clients like the idea of doing something unique, they rarely want to stray too far.

And of course, even the most groundbreaking designers use ideas and styles that have been done before. They know what works; they just give it their own little spin. I try to remember this and practice it with every wedding and event I design. I change things up just a bit at a time. Sometimes the tweaks I make work, and sometimes, well, they don’t.

Dear Readers, tell me about a time when you broke a “rule.” Haven’t broken any rules? Shame on you! Be sure to break one on your next job… I bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the response you get!

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