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I am very fortunate to have a wonderful team working for me. And my new in-house wedding and event planner, Kelly Irwin, is no exception. She has already impressed me with her gentle and respectful way of interacting with our clients.

But I recognize that clients choose their wedding and event planners the same way they choose their wedding and event designers: for a host of professional, financial and sometimes very personal reasons. So, I’m happy to work with a great many planners. First and foremost, I want my clients to feel comfortable and to assemble a team that works best for them.

One of my all-time favorite wedding and event planners to work with is Marcy Blum, and I’m not just saying that because she’s my best friend! Marcy really gets it, plain and simple. She has an exceptional ability to be both gentle and brutally honest with her clients. She’s the guiding light clients need their planners to be. Most of her clients also become her life-long friends, which I think speaks for itself.

The bottom line is that no matter how many amazing vendors you hire, a good planner will make your life much, much easier!

Personally, I’ve found that there are three things in particular that make a truly great wedding and event planner:

1. Good planners will defend vendor prices to their clients. I’ve worked with many planners who side with their clients and insist that I lower my prices. They do this, because they know its what their clients want to hear. But, really, they’re doing a disservice to both me the vendor and their clients: it’s crucial that clients understand how much things actually cost.

2. Good planners understand that sometimes clients will lean on them and need them to act like a sister or a mother. A successful planner and client relationship really should be this close. It’s an intimate bond, and good planners get this.

3. Good planners never, and I mean NEVER, collect commissions from vendors without letting their clients know. See number two above: planners and clients should be close. Planners should NOT be hiding things from their clients.

Dear readers, now it’s your turn. What things do you think make a great planner? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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