Good Ideas Don’t Grow on Trees


(Magnolia Tree Image via Jody McNary Photography)

I have had so many ideas that I thought were brilliant only to find out that I was the only one who actually thought so. So, this week, I’d like to continue sharing a few ideas that actually worked. I’d also like to encourage you to share any great ideas you’ve had or seen that we could learn from.

Here are some Good Ideas that worked:

  • I’ve come across this idea while traveling through a few different countries and I absolutely love it. Have a beautifully presented tray, with a selection of many chocolates, for your guests when they arrive at the entrance of your event or home (they could even just be Hershey Kisses if you want to be cost effective). I have tried this many times, and the guests are always surprised and delighted.
  • For all you designers and florists, here’s a fantastic way to promote yourself after an event is over if you have some extra flowers at your disposal. Make a list of three new clients you are romancing, or three old clients that you loved, and send them some flowers. This gift does not cost much, and it’s a great way for them to see your work and keep you in mind.
  • Human table numbers. This idea is definitely a bit more costly, but when I did it, it was a great hit. Instead of having those ugly metal table numbers telling your guests what table they belong to, I suggest printing the number on a server’s apron and have them stand close to the table, welcoming your guests.

There is no such thing as a small Good Idea. Please share your own Good Ideas, no matter how small or large they are.