Good Ideas: 6 Things You Can Do to Create an Excellent Client Visit


In today’s Good Ideas, I’d like to concentrate on 6 things you can do to make a new client visit go from normal to special.

As I’ve said before, it’s all about the little things:

  1. Always make sure you are at the entrance greeting them personally with a warm hello.
  2. Make sure you have a tray with snacks. (My snack table is pictured above.) It could be your favorite cookies, nuts, fruit, cupcakes, etc. This small investment is always greatly appreciated by your potential client.
  3. Always offer an option of tea, coffee, soft drinks, or water served in your best glasses.
  4. Your bathroom should be spotless, with wonderful scented candles or a small arrangement of flowers.
  5. Turn off all your cell phones or avoid receiving any calls or interruptions. You always want to give your clients your undivided, full attention.
  6. The best small investment you can do after a meeting is to send your clients a small arrangements of flowers or fruits, with a personalized note stating how much you enjoyed meeting them. Don’t forget to add that you would be extremely honored to work with them.

Even if a client chooses not to use your services, they’ll always remember the experience of that first meeting and maybe even recommend you in the future. However, in my experience, these little details have definitely made all the difference.

What is your favorite part of meeting a new client? (Aside from when they say, “You got the job!”) What other tips do you have for greeting a potential client to your office?