Glamorous Holiday Table Decor


Preston Bailey Royal Holiday Table Decoration Ideas

No matter what you and your loved ones celebrated this season — Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa r simply family togetherness — I know many of you are probably starting to think about your New Years Eve table. 

In my family we celebrate Christmas. Most years, however, I’m traveling at the end of December and don’t spend Christmas or New Years Eve with my family. (That’s why Thanksgiving is always such a big deal for me.)

But just because I’m not usually sitting down to an elaborate dinner, doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate a thoughtful and creative holiday table. After all, I’m a designer!

I originally created the looks you see here for a royal client’s wedding. The client and I eventually decided to go in a different direction for her big day. But I’ve always loved these looks, and it occurred to me recently that they would make a lovely holiday table, too.

Preston Bailey Royal Holiday Table Decoration Ideas

What I really like is that these glamorous, wintry styles will work just as beautifully for Hanukkah, Christmas, or Kwanzaa. They exclude no one; everyone, no matter what they believe, will feel comfortable at these tables.

Preston Bailey Royal Holiday Table Decoration Ideas

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