Giving Yourself Enough Time


Good Morning, Everyone!

Yesterday, we discussed the necessity of allotting ample time to set up and break down an event. In the previous post, I gave you a few choices as to the right amount of time to allow yourself and your team to do both.  Today, I will share my thoughts on the subject.

1. Always try to get as much time as possible.  I have often suggested arriving the night before the event (usually around midnight) and have found that quite a few hotels in the New York City area have been very accommodating.

As for breaking down an event, it is my suggestion that you arrive right after the event.  It has been my experience that valuable vases can easily disappear if you are not there.

My crew and I have been quite busy these past few months, and to honor their hard work, I will be giving them a few days off.  I will be reposting a few of my more popular blogs for the rest of the week and returning on Monday.

Have a very happy and safe Fourth of July!