Giving to Those In Need


Today, I want to tell you about an organization that is dear to my heart. Seeing the devastation in Japan reminded me how important it is to contribute to those who really need it, and sometimes that charity can start at home. In this case, my homeland of Panama.

The San Jose de Malambo Orphanage is a foundation that provides children and adolescents, both Panamanians and foreigners, with the care and education necessary to live a sustainable life. Protection is given to the children through the integration of family, community and society by offering education and strengthening of moral and civic principles.

Students in front of a “Welcome” mural.

There is a school that offers education to around 400 girls at social risk. The two high schools provides young women with vocational programs and educational specialization.

Children come to the Malambo Orphanage because parents or guardians have lacked in fulfilling their duties as caretakers. At the Orphanage, children can be guaranteed a safe place to learn and live, as well as grow physically, mentally, and socially.

High School

This foundation is extremely important to me. I was born in Panama and I want to be able to give back to children in need and give them a chance to succeed.

I continue to stay involved by communicating with the individuals that run the Malambo Orphanage and make frequent contributions. My clients have also been extremely caring and the cause has touched their hearts.

You can learn more about the Malambo Orphanage and find ways to get involved at

Although I am writing specifically about the Malambo Orphanage in Panama, I do feel that it is extremely important to support Japan as well as they suffer the aftermath of the deadly earthquake and tsunami.

If you would like to support efforts in Japan, here is just one of the many ways to do so:

What charity is near and dear to your heart?