Friendly Friday: What Happens When A Wedding Planner Is Fired?


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(Photo via July Goldenstein)

Today I’d like to feature a comment from a reader who responded to yesterday’s post: Dear Preston: Am I Being Unreasonable? Jennifer of J. Ward Design Studio shared a very compelling story, and I’d love to know what all of you think.

Here is what Jennifer had to say:

“I currently work with a wedding planner who brings her brides to my studio to meet me for a stationery consultation. I send all proofs to the brides but cc the planner; the planner and I then work out any kinks. We previously worked together on a bride’s stationery with this routine.

But about halfway through the planning process — after I’d already purchased the paper and began designing the invitations — the bride called ME and told me that she’s fired the planner! She said that she was just going to work with the vendors directly, because she had become so frustrated with the planner.

I can’t tell you how awkward I felt! The planner then called me and told me NOT to give the bride her deposit back, which was a non-issue because my services are nonrefundable. I tried to assure the bride that the planner would do a great job, but her mind was made up. I really didn’t know how to handle the situation. I completed the job for the bride, and fortunately, the planner and I still work together on many weddings.”

Dear Readers, what would you have done in Jennifer’s shoes? Would you have continued to work with this bride? It sounds like everything turned out fine; the bride was happy, and Jennifer and the planner have gone on to work well together on other weddings. But I’m curious how all of you would have handled this situation. Please share.

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