Friendly Friday: One Wedding Vendor’s Inspiration

Frank Lloyd Wright Falling Water Preston Bailey Design Inspiration

Frank Lloyd Wright Falling Water Preston Bailey Design Inspiration

(Photo via ArchDaily, Photo by Robert Ruschak – Western Pennsylvania Conservancy)

Every Friday I share reader comments from earlier in the week. Today I’m featuring a comment from a reader who responded to my Monday post, “How to Create Art That Sells.”

Here’s an excerpt of what Navjot Kaur from Silverleaf Events & Weddings had to say:

“Thanks for the valuable suggestions. I am always influenced by other artists no matter what their area of expertise — like Frank Lloyd Wright. From his designs, I learned how to connect the dots between two different concepts. And looking at your grand designs is what inspired me to be in this business. It also helps me challenge myself more with each new event I do.”

I love Navjot’s point. The artists I admire and respect also push me to do better and be the best I can be at all times. They help keep me from slacking off! I also love that Navjot is inspired by lots of different kinds of artists like Frank Lloyd Wright. I’ve written before about the fashion designers and photographers and writers who inspire me. Any artist can be a source of awe and inspiration!

Dear Readers, thanks for sharing all of your opinions this week. Are there artists who do very different work from you that you admire? Who are they and what’s their medium? I always love finding out about great new artists.

Happy Friday, folks. Have a great weekend!!

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