Friendly Friday: Flower Trends Around the World



Every Friday I feature a reader comment from earlier in the week. Today I’m featuring several comments from readers who responded to my Monday post about popular bridal flowers AND to my Wednesday post about UNpopular bridal flowers. I really enjoyed everyone’s comments about flower trends in their area.

Here’s a roundup of folks’ answers about popular flowers:

Hillary from Brocade Designs in Nashville, TN said:
“Being in the south, our number one is hydrangea, closely followed by peonies and ranunculus. We, too, see brides shying away from roses, which makes me sad for — as you mentioned — there are so many lovely new varieties out there.”

Emma from Signature Flowers in Quainton, Buckinghamshire, UK said:
“In good old England they seem to love peonies and roses, but they also love the delicate dorm and scent of freesias!”

Renata from Espaco De La Cruz in Brazil said:
“Unfortunately, in Brazil it’s difficult to find peonies, but we love lavender and orchids. I especially love blue hydrangeas.”

And here’s what folks had to say about unpopular flowers:

Annette from Wedditalia in Italy said:
“In Italy, mums are very common at funerals – so for my brides, no mums. Also carnations aren’t very popular among the brides I get and lilies (apart from calla lilies).”

Tracey from tlc-everything beautiful in North Carolina said:
“Well, Preston, my brides give a big thumbs down to carnations, and they are among the last flower I look to when creating a design. This is not a no-no flower — just overlooked. I live in the south, and I love magnolias. They are so beautiful; they can be floated in fountains, worn in the hair, and used in centerpiece designs. I find a lot of brides never think to use them.”

Adelena from Studio Fiore in Southern California said:
“I think that it is a shame that carnations have the rep that they do. I think that they are so beautiful when used correctly and come in the most amazing colors. It is a myth that they are cheap flowers, too. Back in their height of popularity, they were much less expensive, but since they are shunned in the flower world, there are fewer growers, which made their prices soar. I love gladiolas, too. They are a great substitute for that sunken cymbidium look when the budget is not there.”

And Magic Day in France had this to share:
Carnations definitely top the list. Once we had a bride, whose assistant dug out some crazy info that callas are funeral flowers. And this was two weeks prior to the wedding when everything was already ordered! After a day’s thought about it, the bride fired her assistant. The callas stayed.”

Dear Readers, are there any flowers we missed? Please share them in the comments!

Happy Friday, folks. Have a great weekend.

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