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Every Friday I feature a reader comment from earlier in the week. Today’s comment comes from Ebony, who owns Sparkling Events & Designs. Ebony responded to Tuesday’s post about potential clients who don’t tell us they’ve decided to hire someone else. Here’s what Ebony had to say:

“This has been happening to me a lot lately. In January I received more inquiries than I ever have – averaging at least one a day. I met with tons of brides, sent tons of proposal and then never heard from 90% of them again. I have a two-week follow-up policy, and then I move on.

I don’t like to hassle them, but I wish that they would give me feedback on their decision. Was my price too high (doesn’t mean I would change it)? Did we not connect (that’s okay and will happen)? Did they just decide to work with someone else? Feedback – positive and negative – is essential for growth.

What can I do to help brides give me feedback?”

This is an excellent question. So excellent in fact that florist Sullivan Owen answered Ebony in Tuesday’s comments. Here’s what Sullivan wrote:

“My response is to Ebony. Congratulations on getting so many inquiries, how exciting. Do you send clients any starting price information so they are aware of your starting prices before the meeting? I’ve found this to be really helpful in making sure I’m meeting with brides in my price range.

Also, I find there’s no harm in a follow-up email, and, if I get a response, I ask for feedback as to why they went another way. The worst that can happen is that they don’t respond.

Also, do you ask where these brides found you? Is someone referring them with incorrect information? I know this happens to Preston when people assume he’s too expensive.”

Sullivan’s answer is a good one. The only thing I would add is possibly calling these potential clients to follow-up instead of just emailing them. It’s easy to ignore an email, but if you can get them on the phone, you’re more likely to get useful feedback. But just ONE phone call; no stalking!

Dear Readers, do you have any suggestions for Ebony (and the rest of us!) for getting useful feedback when potential clients choose someone else? Please share.

Happy Friday, folks! And for those of you in America, have a great Presidents Day and three-day weekend.

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