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Every Friday I feature a reader comment from earlier in the week. Sometimes, I’ll publish a beautiful comment that really resonated with me. Other times, I’ll publish a comment from a reader who disagrees with me but whose insight has made me consider something in a new way. And some weeks, I’ll just publish a fun — maybe even a little silly — comment that gave me a good laugh.

Today’s comment comes from Corrine O’Neill, who responded to Monday’s column about the art of being a business person and an artist.” Here’s what Corrine had to say:

Hi, Preston.

To expand on my tweet, I do not consider myself an artist or a designer even though I design for a living. I consider myself a business person.

I see Buds and Blooms – Elegant Accoutrements as a business. My role within the company is so much more than “artist.” If I just created all day, I wouldn’t have a job. I have no safety net nor any other options, so I am keenly aware that every decision made needs to benefit the business.

That’s not to say that I do not enjoy the design work (I do) or that I produce anything less than high quality product. It’s just to say that my function is that of person making a living.

I don’t see my (small but growing) business any differently than a larger bridal or fashion design house. When you’re an independent “artist” people want to negotiate and managing expectations is difficult.

Framing myself as a business person has allowed me to unapologetically say, “These select (200 + designs) are what I produce, and these are the prices.” I also don’t have to manage expectations (which distract from the big picture, my business), and I don’t have to negotiate.

Obviously, this approach won’t work for many people, but it works for me. This perspective has allowed me to grow my business and has kept me grounded.

Just my two cents,

I admire Corrine’s commitment to her business and her success, and I love that she values her work and her time. All of us — whether we consider ourselves first and foremost artists or business owners — should put as much conviction and resolve into our work as Corrine.

Dear Readers, do you agree with Corrine? Do you consider yourself a business person first and an artist second? Does it matter?

Happy Friday, folks! Have a wonderful weekend.

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