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business advice for vendors from vendors

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Every Friday I feature reader comments from earlier in the week. Today I’m featuring several comments from readers who responded to my Monday post, “Vendors, What You Wear Matters.”

Some people agreed with the way my colleague and I handled the unfortunate situation at our client’s wedding. Others would have addressed the issue differently. I really appreciated getting everyone’s perspective, and there were quite a few excellent comments. Here are a few of them:

Rick Canale of Exotic Flowers said:
“You and your colleague’s hearts were in the right place. Unfortunately, we have witnessed a drastic culture change where decorum has been cast aside. I do admire the videographer for telling your colleague where to go. I do not think it was your colleague’s place to offer any further disruption to the event. Perhaps a well-written note next time would be better received.”

Jeffery Crawford of Mode Function Event Design shared this view:
“I think the type of service a vendor provides should determine what the staff wears. Being in decor, health and safety is a major directive of our company, and we require our staff to wear steel-toe shoes, which probably look worse then Uggs. This is a policy we will not deviate from as our installers’ safety is top priority on site … Where we differ from someone like a videographer is that our team does not intermingled with guests. We typically work behind closed doors and when guests enter a room our staff quietly exits the back door. While I think that front-line vendors should be well dressed, “backstage” vendors need to look neat and clean but wear clothing suitable to the task — in our case that includes unsightly safety gear.”

Claudia Morgan of King West Flowers agreed with Rick above and had this to say:
“I have been a floral designer for over 10 years and, like most of you, I have seen it all. I agree that using the F word (or any foul language) at an event is completely out of place. I do, however, believe that confronting the videographer about her attire during the wedding was a bit extreme. No one likes to be criticized. Especially in public. People’s defenses go up, and you get the response you did. Perhaps next time try a different approach: Wait until after the wedding and then send a note letting her know that her services were appreciated but you noticed her attire didn’t match the level of professionalism she is reputed to be. You could also send her a book on dressing professionally — Kate Spade and June Ambrose both have fabulous books out! That way, you’ll have expressed your concerns and avoided any further confrontation. We have to remember the key is to be constructive about it!”

And this last one just made me laugh — right on, Stephanie!

Stephanie Wales of Creative NH Wedding Photography said:
“2 words: Johnny Cash. I wear black at every wedding. Nice, styled, upscale black.”

Dear Readers, thank you again for sharing all of your opinions this week. What do you think — should my colleague and I have backed off and sent a handwritten note instead?

Happy Friday, folks. Have a great weekend!!

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