Frequently Asked Questions: When do you say, "No way" to a client?


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This is a tricky one. I am very old school and follow the saying that my clients are always right.

I constantly remind my folks this simple truth: If you do not have a client, you do not have a business. Saying no to a client is probably one of the most difficulty things to maneuver.

These are the only times I’d ever consider saying, “No way” to any client:

  • Unreasonable requests. This mostly has to do with money. I had a client that actually wanted me to give her a 50% discount. My response (with lots of love) was: HELL NO.
  • Unreasonable demands. I had a client that sent me emails at midnight and expected an immediate response. Granted, at times I do sleep with my computer next to me, however I try to answer my emails first thing in the morning. (Except in life or death situations.)
  • Unreasonable expectations. I try to be extremely clear with my clients about what they are getting on the day of their event. I have had clients say (as if I was some kind of magician and could actually make this happen) on the day of their event, “Preston I need at least three times more flowers than that” (mind you, we are known for our generous floral arrangements).

I am all about going the extra mile for good service, but at times I simply have to say, “No way, can’t do.” Please tell me, when do you say, “No way”? And do you always say it “with love”?