Frequently Asked Questions: What happened to your hair?


Over a week ago I posted a blog asking: what is the first question you would ask me if we had a one on one meeting together? We received a huge response on Facebook and Twitter so I decided we should answer 10 of those questions (five today, and five next week). Here are the first five…

  1. Thomas Green asked: What happened to your hair? (Thomas, I love that you had the nerve to ask!) When I was in my late twenties I began to lose my hair, and way before Magic Johnson, I decided to shave my head. Though at the time I looked like a freak (maybe I still do?), eventually it came into fashion.
  2. Lisa Bailey Cedillo asked: What has been your most challenging wedding and and what did you learn from it? It was a beautiful wedding I did a few years ago, and this client and her father (you know who you are) lied about money and I was conned out of $50,000. Lesson learned: always get paid in full before every event.
  3. Cherelle Goodman-Miles asked: Can you show me how to be successful like you? Cherelle, of course, all you have to do is shave your head! (Just kidding.) My one and only secret to success is always using your mistakes as your teacher. This will encourage you to keep moving forward and take good and not so good risks to grow to success.
  4. wedding decor,wedding ideas,wedding centerpieces,flowers,arrangements,bouquets

    A real inspiration board from one of our latest jobs.

  5. Sarani Gaines asked if I have any creative ideas for someone to get accounts who is just starting out but does not have a portfolio yet. Sarani: getting accounts is always about selling a concept or an idea. Luckily for us, digital cameras exist, so even if you do not have a portfolio, you could create a “Sarani” inspiration board by collecting images and ideas you’d like to present to a new client. Remember that your only goal is to show them you are an artist and can understand their vision.
  6. Kelly Maria Ramsey asked: What was it that inspired/motivated you to take the first step in the career you are in? Kelly Maria: Just one word HUNGER. I needed a job. I started as a florist to later discover that I really loved what I was doing.

I’d love to continue answering all your questions, so please ask away. Or, let me know what you think about any of the questions/answers we discussed above. Read answers to five more questions from Facebook next week.