Frequently Asked Questions: What do you do if you think your client has bad taste?


I am always cautious, and yes, resentful, of folks who enjoy putting down their client’s taste. Guess what? You are designing for them not yourself.  When a client comes to use my services (and most likely she is going to make a HUGE investment), she is allowed to have all the “bad” taste that she wants. My job is to get her information and create something beautiful she can relate to.

place settings, table setting,flowers,wedding centerpieces,bouquets,arrangements

If a client wanted an event made entirely out of paper (as they did here), we would make it happen.

I never said I was the master of “good” taste. What I constantly strive for is to be an artist that gives great service and part of that service is to be able to translate my client’s vision into reality.

This same point of view applies to those in our industry who are constantly putting down their competitor’s work. For instance, I have heard more than once that my work is too over the top or borderline vulgar. You can probably imagine what I would say to those folks…

place settings, table setting,flowers,wedding centerpieces,bouquets,arrangements
chair covers,floral design

These chair covers are made of paper too.

My intention, as always, is to bring the beauty and generosity of nature indoors. My philosophy is that the universe is incredibly generous and there are more than enough clients and work for everyone. Besides, even if you think your competitors have bad taste WHO CARES as long as they have clients.

What do you think? I’d love to know.