Frequently Asked Questions: Is it better to rent decor elements or design and build them from scratch?


An example of one of my original designs.

That’s a great question. Here are some pros and cons for each scenario.

Pros for creating your own design (including tablecloths, vases, chandeliers, chair covers, structures, furniture, etc…):

  • It’s only yours, so the event always looks fresh and new.
  • If you use the designs of different elements more than once, you can make back your original investment.
  • You become a trend setter.


  • Creating an original design is always more expensive.
  • I hope you have great storage facilities.
  • If not handled properly, the objects you create could be damaged and lead to a financial loss.
  • Other folks might copy you. (However, I think it’s a huge compliment when folks copy my designs.)

Pros for renting design/decor materials:

  • You do not need to worry about storage.
  • It’s more cost effective.
  • There is a way of renting elements and making it your own design by combining elements in different ways.


  • Your work starts looking like others’.
  • You can become a bit lazier as a designer.
  • Lack of surprise.

Ultimately, what matters in both cases is that your work remains fresh and new–and that you make a profit. I personally prefer designing and building all new work from scratch. Maybe that is one reason most people think of my company as being so expensive. My goal is to always, for better or worse, design something new.

Do you find that other folks copy your designs? How do you feel about it? I’d also love to know: what do you prefer, renting or designing new prototypes? What works better for your company?