Frequently Asked Questions: I want to start writing a blog, but I don’t know how. Help!

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This is a great question, and something that’s dear to me because I wondered the same thing (as I’m sure many of us did) when I first started this blog. So many people were out there telling me, “You have to start a blog,” but when I finally did there was no one to say what to do next. So, I’m going to answer your question with a few of my own:

  • Who are you? (Your blogging persona)
  • What do you know? (Your area of expertise)
  • How is your experience different from others? (Your unique experience is what will differentiate you from others.)

Your first blog post should, ideally, answer all three questions above. Of course, life and personalities are more complicated than what can be expressed through just one entry, but this will be a good introduction to the blogosphere and your potential readers. From there, to understand what to write next, think about what you can say that’s different from what everyone else is saying (spend some time thinking about this, it’s important).

Take your top 5 or 10 favorite blogs and spend a good day (or night) reading through them. You’ll notice trends. Maybe there are a lot of Top 10s, Trend Reports or Mood Boards. Those are great, and there’s nothing wrong with that information, but why would you go to one blog versus the other to read it?

Now, think about what’s missing from these blogs. Are they focusing only on bridal gowns and not flowers? Are they talking only about the city of New York and not Chicago?

Take what’s missing and see how you can fill in the gaps.

This part is both difficult and easy because only you can know what you have to offer to others. Don’t stress yourself out if your blog isn’t as “perfect” as you want it to be. Like you, it’s an ever evolving and growing thing, and the more you blog the better you will get.

Please share the link to your first ever blog post, and tell me what you want people to get out of your blog. Here is mine from 2007:!