Frequently Asked Questions: How do you get clients to view you as credible if you still have another job?


These days, most people start in the event business by wearing two hats. They most likely take gradual steps out of their old boring job into the new and exciting world of the event industry. There is always that “cross-over” period of adjustment.

If you’re a newcomer I strongly suggest that if you have never done an event, even if it’s offering your time for free to friends and family, that you get some basic experience before you actually do your first job for pay.

Even if you have another job, your process before interviewing a client should be the same as anyone: preparation, preparation, research and preparation.

To prepare properly, this is what I suggest:

  • Give the client the confidence you are giving them the best service possible. Do this by doing your homework and putting the time in to get some experience.
  • You need to gather visual materials from the freebies you gave your friends and family. A picture has the power of a thousand words. Talk about all the things that went RIGHT with the event, and how you accomplished your goals.
  • Your new client does not need to know you have another job. And no, I do not consider this omission lying. You just need to be 100% sure you have enough time and effort to execute this job flawlessly.

I have heard of many folks who have gone through this transition with great ease. I encourage everyone to give up that dreaded boring job and follow your dream job. However, like anything else, it takes careful planning and patience to establish credibility and a good reputation.

Please tell me, do you feel that it’s lying if you don’t mention to your clients that you have another job? If you’re transitioning between careers, what boring business are you giving up and what are your starting? What are the ups and downs of transitioning?