Frequently Asked Questions: How did you become a high-end business?


By always thinking the sky is the limit. Restrictions are poison. An overinflated ego is also poison. But, the biggest poison? Fear. I recently read a wonderful quote by Michelangelo: “The greatest danger is not that your hopes are too high and you fail to reach them, it’s that they are too low and you do.”

Making the decision to become a high-end business is only the first step. The next step is developing a new mindset for you and your company–giving it a soul. Always remember, whether you believe success is possible or impossible you’re right.

What has kept me going all this time, is what I call my “10 commandments:”

  1. Mistakes are not a sign of stupidity, they are human ways of learning. (This simple truth still encourages me to keep improving my brand.)

  2. Things are not always the way we want them to be, nor do plans always work out our way. (Once you learn this, nothing can keep you down.)
  3. To accomplish success, we constantly need to shift “colors.” (If you design or your idea is not working, let go of it and change it.)
  4. Focus less on your self-interest and more on how you can service your client in some way. (Establishing great service first is a great segue to raising prices later.)
  5. Go with the flow of your failures instead of being devastated by them. (This gives you endurance and longevity.)
  6. Always pay attention to the “teachers” in your life. (What you strongly admire in others may be exactly what you want and CAN accomplish.)
  7. Daily Mantra: “Let things happen as they happen and do your best at all times.” (In other words, when you get lemons, make lemonade.)
  8. I never seek to be the best, however my goal is always to be different. (This will always give you a business edge.)
  9. Fear should never stop you. Some fears are obstacle to what you really want, other fears are signals that you are attempting something you do not want.
  10. When “bliss” meets “talent” watch out. (Always work on improving your talent.)

Creating a soul for your company is one sure way to success. Once you have a strong soul, the big bucks will naturally follow. Without a business “soul” you might only go so far before feeling discouraged. On Thursday in our Common Mistakes, we’ll discuss the common pitfall of not knowing your own worth.

Which of my “commandments” do you relate to the most? And which ones, if any, do you have conflict with? Are you ready for the next step?