Frequently Asked Questions: How can an unknown event planner market and attract his/her business?


Last week, we began a series of posts where I answer the question, “What is the first question you would ask me if we had a one on one meeting together?” Here are answers to five more of those questions:

1. Da’Diva Jones asked: How can an unknown event planner market and attract his/her business? Da’Diva: I suggest you start with friends and family, then offer your services at church or any other social setting. I make this suggestion because nothing beats gaining actual experience when you start. Make sure you photograph and also get letters of recommendation from all of these occasions. Whenever you can, always ask for a small fee to cover your time and effort.

2. Keisha Siggers asked: Can I be your apprentice? Keisha: of course I’d love to say a big fat YES. Fortunately, I have a full staff of amazing folks already on staff, and this is one of the main reasons I am starting an online design course this summer. I have gotten many requests like yours, and I thought that if I developed this very comprehensive course on design and how to get clients, it might be a great way to have you learn from all of my mistakes and successes. For more information on the course, or to take a sneak peek tour, click here.

3. Kate Henry asked: Two part question…what makes you love to do what you do every day and where did it begin? Money of course! Just half kidding…Kate, I am one of the many folks who consider my work not to be work anymore, but all play. Can you imagine having a job where people pay you to make up ideas and design for a party? For me, this is the ultimate job.

event planner

Sanaw making magic.

4. Barbara Poe asked: Where did you find Sanaw? He is amazing!!!!!!! Barbara: Yes, he is more than amazing. Sanaw is my main floral designer and I consider him to be more than family. He is from Thailand and has been with me for over 15 years. He is one of the few people that can actually capture what’s in my head and make it better.

5. Deborah Griffin-Woodson asked: Your fee!!!! Deborah: VERY EXPENSIVE. Again, half joking. I think that is going to be my epitaph: “Here lies Preston Bailey, he was very expensive.” More than one client has mentioned that they resisted calling my office because they thought we were too expensive. I never try to defend my prices, however I can say one thing: my prices are not far from many other folks in the industry.

As I mentioned last week, I’d love to continue answering all of your questions. So, please ask away!