Frequently Asked Questions: Have you ever made a dumb mistake?


The short answer? YES. We all make dumb mistakes, and as I’ve mentioned before the most important thing is to learn from them. So, what are some of the dumb mistakes I’ve made?

Here, only for you, are my top 5:

  • Dumb mistake #1: 20 years ago, I arrived at an event I was supposed to be working on…a DAY LATE. I showed up and asked where everyone was and they said, “It happened yesterday!” (At the time folks, I was late because I had been too busy partying the night before. This year marks my 20th year of being sober.)
  • Dumb mistake #2: I thought it would be a great idea to have live goldfish in glass urns for centerpieces. Well…I never thought about the fact that the live fish could DIE before the event even started! Imagine walking into a room full of centerpieces with fish floating belly up.
  • Dumb mistake #3: I picked the wrong kind of tapers to use for decor. I used tapers which burned too fast and became almost like torches at each table. In fact, they left black marks on the tabletop. Oy.
  • Dumb mistake #4: I love incorporating water into my designs, especially fountains. However, the sound of the water running ended up encouraging (yes, let’s use that word) the men and women sitting at the tables to visit the restroom frequently. Yes folks, some dumb mistakes can lead to long bathroom lines.
  • Dumb mistake #5: I thought it would be beautiful and dramatic to use green gels in the lighting for one of my events. Little did I know that GREEN LIGHT is not necessarily flattering on any human’s skin tone! Next time I’ll save the green gels for an alien masquerade party.

It’s fun to look back and laugh at your dumb mistakes. Tell me folks, what’s one dumb mistake you’ve made? Let’s laugh together.