Frequently Asked Questions: Do you write your own blog posts?


This is a familiar sight for most folks who walk into my office.

Yes, I do. Even with my poor grammar (forgive me folks, English is my second language), I write my blog posts. Of all the different aspects of my business, I really do prefer blogging. I have several reasons:

  • Let’s face it. Change does not come easily to me whatsoever. I am a creature of habit. (I used to eat oxtail stew and rice everyday for lunch, until I started my raw food diet). Starting something new is often a challenge. But I do love challenges. I read recently that in order to incorporate any new ideas or practice in our lives, one should repeat the practice at least 10 times before we adjust to the newness of it. I adore having to do this practice and taking the time to keep myself in the present.
  • I find that blogging every day is a form of meditation. I meditate on my mistakes, my to do list, questions folks like you ask me, etc. I try to show everyone that even though I have put in 30 years in the event business, it ultimately doesn’t matter because we still experience the same issues: successes, failures, creativity, play, adventure… The important thing is to always keep moving, keep building and never give up. Lots of times, these challenges become a bit easier if we know we are not alone.

How do you keep focus in doing what you need to do? Are you also a creature of habit? Like me, have you ever had a great idea and not acted on it fast enough?