Frequently Asked Questions: Are you ever worried about (over)indulging in all the luxury?

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One of the great perks of my business is that I get to see luxury in all its glory and at times excess. Many times, I have heard comments about how my clients spend so much money giving these lavish events that last for only one day. Well, guess what folks? They can actually afford it. (At least most of them anyway.)

Given these challenging economic times, I suggest that we all try to create a bit of luxury for ourselves based on our financial status. I believe that luxury is different for all of us, and I’m sure it is something that may be difficult for some of us to imagine having. I think that to be a successful person or artist we need to create the space to pamper ourselves as often as possible. The key to luxury is to ask: What is it that makes us really happy?

For instance, I love the smell of gardenia scented candles. I constantly have them burning in my office or home. For me, that is luxury. Another is deep tissue massages (they help me relax). So, yes having your own boat or plane is luxurious, but let’s all make a firm commitment that regardless of our financial status at the moment, we’ll create the space and the time to spoil ourselves with what we love best. The moment I made that commitment I found more of a balance between working hard and playing hard.

What is your idea of luxury? Tell me your favorite thing to do to indulge yourself.