gaultier paris fashion invitation
Folks are always asking me where I get my inspiration. The truth is almost anything can inspire me. Sometimes I’m inspired by a scene from  90210 or Gossip Girl (Yes, really!) or by the wallpaper in a restaurant. I’m always on the look out for new inspiration, and I know it can hit me anytime, anywhere. And I never judge; I’m just as excited to discover inspiration from a night soap show as I am from the lobby of a five-star hotel.

Sometimes, though, I get really lucky. Like last week when I was fortunate enough to attend a few of the Paris Fashion Week shows. I did not take the experience for granted. From the moment the beautiful invitations arrived at my hotel suite to the last model’s appearance on the runway and the designers’ bows, I appreciated every second. It was a dream!
givenchy paris fashion inspiration
Jean Paul Gaultier’s show was especially stunning: every piece was dramatic and eye popping. Fashion has long been a huge source of inspiration for me; I admire so many of the top designers who manage to create ever more beautiful lines every season. Their energy and creativity never cease to amaze me. To be able to see their work up close and in person is magical. I pay close attention to the movement and rich colors of the fabrics and the way the threads catch the light.

After all, texture, color and lighting are just as important in floral and event design as they are in fashion design!