Flower Carpet in Brussels


Dear Readers,

Happy Friday.  I hope you are all enjoying yourselves as the week comes to a close.

It’s no secret that I have an ongoing love affair with flowers and really enjoy brainstorming interesting and beautiful ways to display these  joyful gifts from nature.  I also love to scour the globe to find ways other designers work with blooms.  One of the most magical designs is the  “Flower Carpet” which is a themed design that has been displayed in front of the Grand Palace in Brussels every two years since 1976.

The carpet is massive, spanning  984 feet (300 square meters) and is made up of 800,000 fresh begonias in a number of vibrant colors.  This year, the theme was a nod to Africa, but has highlighted a number of beautiful designs.  I thought I might share a few photos with you and see what you thought of it.

What are some interesting ways you have used flowers in design?



(Photos Courtesy of Pinterest)