Five Ways To Experience More Happiness


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Dear Readers:

So often, we hear others speaking about how they want to live the best life possible. Perhaps, we even find ourselves in constant search of new ways to find a greater sense of balance and peace, or simply more quiet, smiling moments. While I am no expert on happiness, I am someone who tries her best to live joyfully. Today, I thought I might share five ways I work to stay on a happy and healthy path.

Expel Negative Energy: I have no room for toxicity and unnecessary negativity in my life. As much as we want to help some people, the reality is that some cannot be helped. Let them go and make room to actually help yourself.

Build A Strong Inner Circle: Surround yourself with people who infuse meaning into your life. Friendly competition is healthy, but make sure that you only have those who will be happy for all of your successes, even if you “get there” first.

Know the Value of a Great Mentor: Find mentors who believe in you and allow them to constantly challenge you to be and do your best. Avoid simply surrounding yourself with people who always say “yes” just because you think it is easier.

Live Your Own Dream: We all want to be better, we all want to be loved, and we all want to be recognized. These are all natural attributes of the human condition. But when we don’t feel these things are happening soon enough, we tend to let our imaginations go wild. This often results in our getting sidetracked. We become so focused on others’ next step and what they are doing that we forget ours. Be patient and learn to allow your own story to unfold; things tend to happen when they are supposed to.

Cultivate Your Individuality: What is really unique about you? Sit down and really think about this for a while and then nurture it. Do this in spite of your fear. If it is not the norm, that makes it more interesting, right? If you’re worried no one will care, remind yourself that you won’t know that for a fact until you put it out there. I think of this as being much like learning how to drive on the other side of the road. It’s uncomfortable, but once you try it and practice, you’ll be able to master it.

What are your top five keys to happiness? Share them with us! Also, what do you feel stands in your way when looking at this list? How do you plan to change that?

With a Happy Heart,


Kathy Romero is the Vice President and Global Wedding & Event Planner for Preston Bailey Designs. She shares her thoughts and advice on Preston’s Blog every Thursday..

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