Five of My Biggest “Event” Mistakes While Installing a Wedding


I was asked recently in an interview, to list five of my greatest “event” mistakes while installing a job, and here they go.

1. Not having the venue early enough; I know most hotels need their business, but it’s almost impossible to set up specific events in the time they give you.

Lesson learned: Make sure you speak to your client when they are hiring the hotel.

2. Giving myself enough time to move in with all my decor and flowers; Most hotel in New York, it’s impossible to move in, with all the other delivers for the hotel.

Lessen learned: Make sure you have a good understanding of the entrance of the hotel, along with the loading dock schedule.

3. Creating a dance floor that is too large; I love doing a custom made design for a dance floor, but I think it’s a mistake to make a dance floor too large.

Lesson learned: Its’ best for your dance floor to be too small and appears full than to have too big that appears empty.

4. Not having a good dumpster on site; There is a great deal of garbage left, after most of our events, then we find out that venue is does not have the capacity to dispose of vendors garbage.

Lesson learned: Make sure I estimate the cost of a dumpster to dispose my garbage when preparing a proposal.

5. Not covering the venue floors while working on setting up the event; With so many people helping in installing an event, it’s easy to damage or ruin the floor because of the time constraint we all are working with to finish within timeline.

Lesson learned: Make sure you provide a thick enough plastic cover and tape properly to protect the carpet or any kind of floor.


Would you mind listing and sharing one of your event Installation mistakes? Have you ever been late installing a wedding, because of lack of time? If yes, how did you handle it?