Fearless Design: How Will You Push Your Boundaries?


Henri Matisse Preston Bailey Metropolitan Museum of Art

Dear Readers,

One of the most wonderful things about being an artist is moving through your creativity, pushing boundaries (your own and those in the design world), and coming up with innovative ways to inspire and reflect the dreams of your clients.  As you know, transformation is a big theme in my work and business, and I would like to think, on a personal level, as an artist.

There are so many amazing designers, florists and artists who inspire and create, and a few masters who paved the way for us many years ago.  One of these was Henri Matisse who constantly tried to push himself and expand the minds of his audience.  I was recently made aware that the Metropolitan Museum of Art is planning to showcase some of the artist’s most transformative works and I was inspired to ask all of you the following:

1. Did you ever “play it safe” only to regret it later?

2. How have you transformed as an artist since the beginning of your career?

3. Who inspires you to design fearlessly?

Please share your comments with me below.  I am very much looking forward to your responses.



(Photo Courtesy of The Metropolitan Museum of Art)