FAQs: What do you really want for your business?


What do you truly want, and I mean really want, for your business? I asked this question at a speech, and these are the top 10 top answers I received:

  1. To be # 1 in the industry.
  2. Make a comfortable living.
  3. Have a profitable business that keeps increasing every year.
  4. Be a trendsetter and become famous.
  5. Be a company that is innovative and creative while making a profit.
  6. Love my business so much that it feels like play.
  7. Make a million dollars in two years.
  8. Create a business “tribe” that feels like a family–where everyone feels good about coming to work.
  9. A business where service is the number one priority.
  10. A business where I can express my creativity while making a fortune

Personally, what I want for my business keeps changing every year. For now, what’s important to me is developing a world wide brand. (Hey, I can dream too can’t I?)

It’s your turn. Which of the above do you relate to? Or, tell me about something not on this list you truly want and need for your business.