FAQs: Transformations


Someone recently asked me, “You always talk about transforming a space, but how did you get started in transformations?”

I think of transformations as magic. For one day, you get to create a space that is going to live on only in your clients (and their guests) memory for a lifetime. I started doing event transformations totally by accident.


As I constantly suggest to all, be completely open to any of your clients requests. Whenever they ask, “Can you do (BLANK)?” Always answer with a big fat yes. And then, of course, with lots of research and some sleepless nights, MAKE IT HAPPEN.

This is how I started in the business of transformations:

  • The power of yes. First, I started designing with flowers. Then, I was asked if I could design floral containers (yes). Then I was asked if I could design a special tablecloth and chair cover (yes). Then, someone wondered if I could design table settings (you already know the answer).
  • Another client hated the ceiling of the venue. I suggested that maybe I could design some hanging chandeliers to cover the ceiling. Done.
  • Next, a client did not like the color of the walls. Again I suggested maybe we could cover all walls with draping. Again they said yes.
  • Floors: It’s my humble opinion that most venues go out of their way to use ugly carpeting. I suggested to one client that maybe we could just carpet the floors with an inexpensive carpet for the event. Again is was a yes.

This is how I started the magical business of space transformation. Of course, I can hear all of you saying, “Preston, please. Not every client is crazy enough to pay for all those changes,” and you are 100% right.


However, even if they do not want to make a complete transformation, most clients are completely open to doing one or two elements of transformation if you listen carefully and give them options.

My absolute favorite space for creating the magic of transformations is in a tent. It is this wonderful blank canvas to create almost anything. Of course, lighting always plays a big part of any transformation.

What is your favorite element to design in a space? Are you completely open to making your clients dreams a reality? Or, are you more cautious about the unknown?