FAQs: If you had to splurge on something special for your event, what would it be?


Last week, I blogged about skimping. This week, let’s talk about the complete opposite. What is the one thing you’d splurge on for your event?

When I gave my last big event this past January, for my Celebrations book launch, I had this same dilemma.

Here’s what I thought one should splurge on (from most to least important):

  1. Entertainment. I wanted it to be memorable, so I booked the diva Gloria Gaynor to perform I Will Survive among other live entertainment.
  2. Lighting and projections. For the central focus of my event, I wanted to create the illusion of a projected “printing press” of my book.
  3. Food. Great food from the fantastic caterer Olivier Cheng.
  4. Location. I wanted an old rustic space like the Armory in New York to transform for this evening.
  5. Decor. Okay, here I could go less, because I was hoping to re-create pieces of past events for my attending clients to remember their own events. (Between you and me–it was cheaper to use existing props.)
  6. Flowers. Because it was my event, and I thought folks would be expecting tons of flowers, I decided to use very little.

Someone asked me this question during a magazine interview so now I’d like to ask you the same: When you are entertaining for the holidays, or giving your own party, what is the one thing you’d splurge on the most?