FAQs: Does giving good service come naturally to you?


(Image via Andres Valenzuela)

I was fortunate to be a guest this past weekend at the Palm Beach home of one of the kindest and loveliest clients I have ever worked for.

The wife is known for being a great hostess with a very kind nature, and I think her husband is one of the most brilliant business minds I have ever encountered.

While we were having dinner, he said something that I think defines the issue of service.

He said there are basically two kinds of people:

1. Those who actually love giving good service. It’s very much a part of their nature.
2. Those who think they need to give good service, but they do it as if it was an issue.

This wonderful client built a very successful empire with his love to “serve,” as was apparent while I was a guest in his home. While discussing this week’s topic of what makes a successful vendor, I believe this issue of service should serve as a strong base for your business.

Clients, of course, are just human. If I go to a restaurant with a waiter who seems like he actually enjoys serving me, I’ll most likely seek him out the next time I am back.

At the same time, if he makes me feel like he is being inconvenienced while giving me good service, I’ll mostly likely not.

Good service is nothing more than an attitude. If this comes naturally to you, bravo. If not, your practice should be to make it feels like it does.

Is serving others part of your DNA? What steps have you taken to serve your clients better?