FAQs: Do you think advertising at bridal shows is a waste of time or a good marketing strategy?


I have been a speaker at many bridal shows. Some of them are extremely well-organized and others are not so great.

Any bridal show or form of promotion is going to be as good as what you put into it.

The Good (and Bad) News

–Good: It can be a great place to show your product or services. Bad: If they don’t have your type of potential clients attending the show, it’s not worth your time and money.

–Good: You get to see what your competition is offering to better understand your market. Bad: Your competition can also see yours.

–Good: Yes, you can probably get new clients…but Bad: Only if your product is different and unique enough from all the other vendors.

–Good: There are always experts giving great business advice. Bad: Make sure the expert is someone relevant to your business.

–Good: You get to see how your audience responds to your product. It’s always a good way to improve. Bad: It may be hard for you if people skip your booth or don’t stop there at all.

If you have a great design or product and if you want to have your work seen, then yes the right bridal shows are great. However, they do not guarantee immediate clients. It’s more of a long term brand investment.

I’d love to hear about your experience at bridal shows. What was the good and what was the bad? Did you benefit or was it a waste of time and money?

Also, if you could see any expert speak at a bridal show, who would that be? I would want to see my girl Martha Stewart.