FAQs: 10 Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Business Soul


(Image via D.Sharon Pruitt)

The conflict we must all confront is how we can become (or stay) that loving, giving, soulful person and still make a living.

I think the very heart and soul of your business is: you. Everything else is secondary.

I’d love to help you define what is at the core of your business soul. This, of course, is only my humble opinion about the questions we should ask ourselves to adjust our business souls:

1. Do you find it easier to give or receive?

2. Do you find it easy to learn from your mistakes?

3. Do you actually like most people or do you just tolerate them?

4. Do you tend to look at the good in folks first or do you look for what you don’t like?

5. Do you believe in charging a fair price for your services or do you prefer making a killing if you can?

6. In order to give exceptional service, do you believe it’s important to go the extra mile and further?

7. Are you comfortable giving good service to your clients without feeling like a servant?

8. Do you believe in the old saying, “The customers is always right”?

9. Do you feel, because of your talent, your customers need you more than you need them?

10. Last but not least, is money your number one goal?

There are no right or wrong answers to these questions. Please answer one or more of the above and share it with us below in the comments. If you’re not sure which one to answer, try to choose the one that gives your business more of your “soul.”