Extracting The Lessons In Every Exchange



Dear Readers:

I hope all of you are winding down a productive week and getting ready for whatever you have in store for this weekend.  As those who follow me on Facebook  know, my  team and I have just completed an event on a beautiful location in France.  While abroad, we had the pleasure of meeting, speaking, interacting and working with some amazing people, all of whom, like us, brought with them their own unique personalities, visions, and goals.

As anyone in the event business knows, not all moments on-site will be pressure and stress-free. But time has taught me that, as long as we remain open, there is a challenge, lesson, and opportunity for growth in every exchange we have. Whether it’s a new tip, seeing a design through two new eyes, or even having a loud example of what not to do, every soul is a teacher, but what kind of student are we?

Today, I would like you to pay close attention to your exchanges with those around you.  Try and ask yourself what you learned from each of them. What gifts did your moments deliver? How are you growing from one day to the next?  There’s a good chance that being aware will increase your own mindfulness in how you present yourself to others and react to them.

Now, I have said this before, but I am as human as they come. I have made so many mistakes that I want to write them all down and make them the topic of my next book. I have said things I wish I didn’t say and done things I would have loved to take back, so I know how difficult it is to look at the bigger picture when experiencing a tense moment or dealing with a particularly rude cashier in the pharmacy.  I just ask that you try and tell me what came your way as a result of you being a little more open.

 In the meantime, tell us about an unexpected lesson you have learned recently?




Photo Courtesy of Diamond Planes