Doing The Right Thing


Good Morning, Everyone!

I hope everyone had a nice holiday and weekend.  Today, I would like to discuss the balance between proper business etiquette and doing the right thing.
As planners, we must always be prepared for swift changes.  Experience shows us that life often takes unexpected twists and turns which can result in the need to change, postpone or cancel an event at the last minute. This was recently the case with a lovely client of mine.
Due to very personal circumstances beyond her control, my client had to cancel her summer nuptials. As you might imagine, this was a difficult decision, one that she did not take lightly.  Though she was prepared to to accept any penalties that were imposed by the hotel she had signed on with, I was personally offended by the hotel’s initial decision to keep her full deposit without issuing a future credit.
While it’s important to respect the fact that summer is the busiest season and cancellations might result in a loss of revenue, I feel there are times when we must remind ourselves that these partnerships are not only about money but about doing what is right on a human level.
I am pleased to report that, after some back-and-forth, the hotel agreed to charge my client a reasonable fee for the cancellation.

Question:  What do you think would have worked as a happy compromise by this hotel?  Have you had any last-minute wedding cancellations?  How have you handled the money that was already given to you?
(Photo courtesy of Corbis Images)