Do you think a florist should remain at the event after set up? Or is this a waste of time?


Dear Preston:

On your Thursday blog, you mentioned that planners should stay at the event until the very end. We are the florist in Sao Paolo, most of our floral work is very elaborate. One of our planners requested that I should stay at the event all night. Do you think it is necessary for a floral designer to remain at the wedding, even if we finished installing our florals?

Dear OTT:

As someone who is known for producing over the top floral designs, the answer would be, “Yes.” I think you shouldn’t leave as a florist until the event is over. One of the biggest problems arises when our clients insist on using real candles. They do look pretty, but many a time, you would see wax falling over the flowers, or guests moving the candles close to the flowers causing them to burn, creating a horrible smell. I think someone should be there to address the problems of this nature.

Also, many of our clients come to us at Preston Bailey Design, because they’ll like to see the floral designs that are unique, over the top and never attempted before. Even when we do not succeed 100%, we certainly love to give it a try. The only problem with trying new and different floral designs each time is that it could be risky.

I for sure can sleep much better at night, knowing that I left at least one or two experienced floral designers behind, just in case, the planner need to fix something. In my opinion, it is important and certainly not a waste of time for a designer or a designer help to stay behind until the event is done.

Dear readers, what do you think? Would love to hear your opinion and experience.