Do You Talk Yourself Out of Success?


Do You Talk Yourself Out of Success?

Dear Readers:

I hope all of you are enjoying your Monday and preparing for a productive and peaceful week.  This weekend, I found myself in the company of a lovely young woman with an infectious passion for event planning, but also the most debilitating self-doubt. While I thoroughly enjoyed her company (and really believed that she could be a success if she followed her heart and passion) I found myself saddened by the way she pulled and put her ideas, talents and capabilities down.

I thought of myself, just starting out and years after. That fear of failure (and fear of success) can be downright detrimental to a productive day and a good night’s sleep. Today, I wanted to ask you all to think about the ways you speak to yourself and about yourself. Do you build yourself up or put yourself down? How do your daily mantras impact your exchanges and experiences?




(Photo Courtesy of Tumblr)