Do you see draping as an art?



Dear Readers,

I love the Idea of taking a ballroom and transforming it into a phenomenal place,
giving it a different look. In a way, this is one of the most exciting things in the
event business. An elegant draping can add surprise factor for your guests
because, in order to transform any area or room, to give it an overall different
feel, one would need draping done by an experienced professional. I think that
covering the walls is an important part of any event. I think that draping done
beautifully can add amusement into the celebration.

Recently my PB proteges and I have had the opportunity to transform the
MAGNOLIA ballroom at the spectacular Breakers Hotel, into a modern space.
We had the honor to work with one of the most innovative draping company
known as Swag Decor. One of the amazing designer Tommy Murphy was kind
enough to give my PB proteges a tutorial on fundamentals of draping and how
to drape a room with the walls in a unique way so that it looks like a piece of art.
He and his staff literarily transform the space by covering the walls as we
watched with amazement.

I would like to thank Swag Decor team and Tommy Murphy for the amazing


Do your clients ever complain, when they have to add extra cost for draping a
room into the budget?