Do You Really Believe In Yourself?


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Dear Readers,

I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday, whatever you celebrated, and I hope that you have returned to work with a new sense of focus, purpose and hope. There is something very promising about the idea that we have a brand new batch of days to fill with all of the things we have hoped to enjoy but had not quite found the time to do so; 361 to be exact!

With so much movement in our industry, it’s not difficult to dream big.  The question really becomes what you believe is possible and what you are willing to work for?  After three and a half decades of  high’s and low’s, dreams, successes and failures, I know that so much of what I have experienced has been directly linked to what I did and did not believe I could do.  I learned early on to silence my inner critic by simply saying “yes” and figuring it out as I went along.  Guess what? After doing this a number of times, I slowly proved myself that I was more capable than I believed, and even if I failed miserably, well, at least I tried and learned something new to help me the next time around.

Today, I want to ask all of you to really think about who you are at this moment and where it is that you hope to be at the end of the year? Think about the ways in which you can fill your coming days with inspiration, support, hope and true belief in yourself. There’s more to life than just dreaming, there’s doing, and just because we have not achieved what we hope to doesn’t mean that we cannot enjoy the feeling of accomplishment that can await us on our journey.  The more we try new things, reach out, look within and look up at and out into the world, the more we will find that there are so many amazing options out there for us.

I read your wonderful emails and comments and I truly believe that each of you has what it takes to succeed, my question is: Do you?  Today, I want to ask all of you to answer a tough question: What do you want to achieve this year and do you truly believe it is possible? Why/why not?

Dear Readers,