Do You Need to Put Your Pace in its Place?


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Dear Readers:

I hope all of you have enjoyed a productive week and are looking forward to a weekend that is, at least in part, relaxing. This weekend marks the change in time for us here in the United States.  Upon being reminded of this, I began to think about how many of us zip through our days feeling as though we never have enough time to do all that we hope to accomplish in the day. Today, I would like to ask all of you what you would do for you  if you were guaranteed an extra hour each day, where you didn’t have to be somewhere or doing any specific thing.

Would you spend this taking a walk with a loved one, reading, painting, writing, visiting a local coffee shop? Perhaps you would take a cooking or dance class or visit a museum? Maybe you’d spend that hour sleeping. Whatever it is, I would like you to really think about what would make you happiest and find ways to budget yourself enough time to do this for yourself. Perhaps it won’t be an hour a day, but a few hours a week would help with balance and self-nurturing, would it not?

As artists, professionals, parents, partners and colleagues, we often push ourselves to the point of exhaustion in an attempt to go from human being to superhero. While we may pull off some miracles flying around, the truth is that there is a reason it’s called speeding up and slowing down; neither are meant to be the everyday speed.

How do you feel about your pace? How is it impacting the way you think, look, act and feel? How is it impacting your work? The answers to these questions can be positive or negative. I’d love to read your comments!




(Photo Courtesy of Pinterest)