Do You Love or Hate Carnations?


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Dear Preston:

I have a question for you. My beloved daughter is getting married. As her mother, I understand that I need to give her exactly what she wants on her wedding day.  That said, I was married 30 years ago with carnations as my wedding flower and thus they hold a very meaningful part of my history.  I suggested that my daughter incorporate them into her upcoming wedding and was met with an emphatic “no”.  Her reasoning is what really struck me. She explained the flower reminds her of a funeral and I was told to forget it.  I wondered; am I wrong to think carnations are a lovely flower for a wedding? Am I wrong to push a little for this? And, of course, I have to ask you if you think there is any way to change her mind.

Carnation Lover

Dear Carnation Lover:

As you may or may not know, carnations are a controversial topic in the flower industry, in that, people either love them or hate them. Most people hate them.  To be honest with you, I was one of these people for many years until one day (very recently), I had a client who changed my mind.  Like yourself, she adored the flower and being that it is my job to please my clients, I reached out to my floral master, Sanaw, who created a beautiful carnation-covered centerpiece to make her happy.  The resulting design is showcased above.  Please note: we adorned the sculpture with other flowers such as anemones and orchids. Though I really believe that a bride should have what she wants on her special day, it is also nice to incorporate tradition where you can. Perhaps your daughter may reconsider if you show her the photo, otherwise, I say to save your love for carnations for your next event.

Readers: What are your thoughts on carnations? Love them or loathe them?