Do You Have To “Allow” Yourself To Be Happy?



Dear Readers:

We spend our professional lives working to make our clients happy while also balancing our own creative and personal desires on our quest for fulfillment and joy. One of the things I have learned in my years, both in this business and on this earth, is that happiness is not a destination that we stumble upon once we have followed all of the rules and taken all of the risks. Instead, it’s something that is found in a series of moments and is ignited by a choice to change our filter.

People say that gratitude is key, and I believe that to be a big part of it, but gratitude is an extension of a realistic outlook that accepts the challenges that come life while holding onto the benefits of the lessons that often follow moving through them. When I started out, I was a man looking for work. I needed a job to make enough money to eat. I took the job working as a florist (with no experience or knowledge, mind you) to buy time. I was happy to have a few clients who allowed me to do flowers in their homes, and I enjoyed working with flowers though I had no idea what kind most of them even were. It never occurred to me that my career would take off as it did or that I would have the opportunities I wound up with. There is a part of me that is very grateful for those moments, for they helped shape the man I am today, keeping me focused solely on the job in front of me and being grateful for it. It would be a fallacy to say I am always in a great mood, but there is a feeling of happiness that I feel every day because I am blessed to do what I love for people who love what I do, and that in itself brings me joy.

It’s easy to smile and celebrate when we land a big job or receive a “thank you” from a client, but today, I want to encourage all of you to think about how many times you stop yourself from getting caught up in the fears of the future, the snide comments from critics, the forgotten lunch on the counter, or the slow person in front of us (in a car or on foot)? Then meditate on what really is important in determining your mindset and mood. If we must experience both pros and cons in all situations, let us not overlook the blessings that exists when both (pros and cons) are attached to the things we care about and want, most be it in the career path we ache to be walking on, the relationship that means so much to us, or the clients we are so pleased to have.

What’s your secret to happiness?