Dose $75.00 an hour, seems high for a florist hourly rate?


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Dear Preston:

I am having my wedding in NY. My florist told me that they needed at least 5 additional helpers to Install my wedding. They also told me, that this is an additional expense. I had no problem with this, except when I received the bill from my florist, It showed that each florist was been paid $75.00 an hour. I felt this to be very hi, is this the going rate for florist? or do you think my florist is making a profit at my expense.

Dear Over Paying,

I would say very loaded question; It seems to be a common problem that is of concern to most vendors as well. Your florist is right; I think sometimes clients do not realize, that it is not only about designing the floral arrangements, but we also need to spend a lot of time and effort setting the day of the wedding. I am glad that you agreed to pay the additional expenses, but the vendor should have discussed the rate and approximate hours needed to complete the job. Unless there was a verbal agreement between the two parties that you forgot to mention.

I am no one to question the hourly rate as have no idea, how much this florist is paying his floral designers, but this does seem to be a bit high. Maybe the florist has a business model, where they mark up the extra help; I do not know so can’t comment.

You as a client have been reasonable. I feel for you because there is nothing worse for a client, the feeling that they are taking advantage over. What I strongly suggest in this situation, is that you question this bill. As a customer, that is your right.

Readers do $75,00 an hour, seems high for a florist hourly rate? What would you advise, this client?