Determining Your Success


I am convinced that we all have the gift and ability for great success in us. I am also convinced that this can happen very easily. It all depends on how you view it.

I used to look at the bottom line figure of how much money my business was making to evaluate that year’s success. I would eagerly try every year to match that profit or make it higher.  But in reality life doesn’t work that way. A more realistic approach is to accept that life works in circles. We are going to have great years and not so great years.

At the moment, we are still experiencing a financial recession that has us all of us in a bit of a tale spin. Looking back on my business history, I have survived more than one of these recessions (thank God), and I can safely say that I learned more about business and myself during those difficult times than at any other time.

This is what I learned and am still learning:

  • Have faith. Have blind faith in a higher power, never for a moment questioning that things are going to work out.
  • Appreciate. We are so incredibly involved in investing time and energy in getting what we do not have that we forget to be thankful for how far we have gotten, and what we already have.
  • Your art or service. This is the time to review your talent. Invest more time in coming up with great new ideas. By doing this, you’ll start feeling empowered and excited.
  • Censor it. If you listen to the news and all of your negative friends or family about how bad things are, you might never get out of bed in the morning. Connect with folks that have a more positive approach to life and faith.
  • Last but not least:  be very kind and gentle with yourself.  At times, we can be our own worse enemy. I have just one thing to say to you: If you love what you do, you are already successful.  That is your asset.

Of course, I love a very profitable year, but I have learned to redefine success.  For me, real success, is the ability to endure and grow even in challenging times.

Please tell me, how do you define success? Or, what have you learned from failing?